Harriet Hausman

Dear Friends, 

This letter seems more appropriate for Thanksgiving, but at the holiday, my gratefulness focused on my family and personal blessings. Now, I wish to express my gratitude for this community.

I know our village is a microcosm of thousands of similar communities throughout our nation and we all demonstrate that the uncaring crudeness of the president does not represent us. Let us alert the world that we Americans are appreciative of our diversity and that we are people who care for one another. 

Most of us were hopeful that, despite President Trump’s reputation for vulgarity, lying, bullying, and womanizing, he would recognize the importance of his presidential role. We thought he might take advantage of the strides President Obama had accomplished leading us out of the 2009 recession to a thriving, growing nation in 2016.

President Trump could have taken advantage of the regulations that President Obama instituted for our health, safety, and our environment, and possibly even improved them. Instead, in his uncaring, brutal manner, he rescinded all of the regulations and even refused to continue agreements arranged to maintain our alliances with the nations of the world.

We (the 70 percent of the United States population) question why President Trump seems determined to bully both our allies and our enemies, threatening this nation’s peace and lessening our world status? Why is he so uncaring and brutal in his decision to dismiss our health care program? Why does he have such prejudice against the “Dreamers” and non-whites to accept being named a racist? Is this the legacy he desires for his presidency?

These painful questions have deeply troubled me but this community of caring people has been a positive counter to the negativity of Trump’s behavior. Just as a personal example, I often have difficulty opening a heavy public door or moving a stiffened right leg out of the car. When this occurs, it seems there is always someone nearby who will offer a helping hand. That hand may be black or brown or white and is usually accompanied by a pleasant greeting. This simple, everyday kindness describes this community and, most likely, the similar villages throughout our country.

This is who we are! I sincerely thank our community for personally making my life sweet during these bitter, frightening political times. 

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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