My question is: Where do I pick up my free bike? The Oak Park village trustees voted to cancel the Divvy Bike contract on Jan. 16. Reported, at a previous village board meeting, it was said that it would be cheaper just to give all the Divvy Bike users a bike rather than continue the program. 

Therefore, I assume that was the trustees’ plan when deciding to end the program without giving notice to those who, in good faith, bought annual memberships, based on a village-sponsored deal last fall. 

At the very least, the village is going to reimburse us for the three-quarter membership that we will not be able to use, right? After all, the village put on a big push to get new riders last October. I think you owe us that much.

The village is great with giveaways when it’s a building developer wanting ordinance variances or a restaurant that wants to take over the sidewalk as their outdoor space. But those of us who relied on village support of the Divvy Bike program, what do we get? The shaft, it appears.

Don’t tell me Divvy will take care of me. They sent out an email the next day saying nothing has changed. I can still enjoy the service if I care to get to the nearest station in Chicago. That’s one mile away for me. Divvy was for me to get around Oak Park without using my car, not to drive over to Chicago, and to go where exactly?

Mary Dycus

Oak Park

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