Oak Park residents have told police over the last few months they want better communication from law enforcement officials, and the Oak Park Police Department has responded by launching Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The department’s Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/VOPpolice and the Twitter account is available at https://twitter.com/VOPpolice.

 The accounts, which appear to have been created in late January, were launched without any announcement, but as of Friday, Jan. 26, the Facebook page had nearly 1,000 followers; the Twitter page had less than 50.

Both accounts appear to include much of the same information, such as police summary reports, police news releases and a link to police forums scheduled for the next few weeks.

Village spokesman David Powers said village staff just established the accounts and are working out some remaining information gathering processes for those working on the accounts. They plan to officially announce the accounts on Monday, Jan. 29.

The accounts come at a time when carjackings have skyrocketed in Oak Park, the city of Chicago and other suburban municipalities.

Residents have called for better communication between law enforcement and the public, arguing that information about serious crimes often are not made public until hours or days after they take place.

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