Trinity High School has chosen a perfect new president. Dr. Corinne Benedetto is a wise woman and smart academic. This superb administrator builds relationships and enrollment. She is friendly, has a kind, caring heart, and a sense of humor. Grounded in the complexities of the current academic terrain, she can deal with the details while seeing the big picture. 

How do I know? She has been one of my deans at DePaul University where I’ve taught holistic health science courses these last nine years. Corinne currently is our interim dean for DePaul’s adult professional college, the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, formerly known as the School for New Learning. Her vast experience in the current, and rapidly changing, academic environment will prove invaluable. 

I/we grieve her loss to DePaul, but, Trinity, you picked an alum who is an A+ gem. Blessings to you and Corinne.

Gina Orlando

Oak Park

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