Following the recent decision by the Oak Park Board of Trustees to end the costly and underused Divvy bike-sharing program in Oak Park, members have only one day to continue checking out bikes in the village.

The village announced in a press release that Tuesday, Jan. 23 is the last day the program will be available in the village.

Asked whether members would be compensated for their membership fee, village spokesman David Powers directed members to contact Motivate, the company that runs the Divvy program in the Chicago area.

Oak Park members can contact Divvy customer service at or 855-533-4889.

The village press release notes that Motivate is expected to notify Oak Park’s Divvy members about changes to the program.

Divvy responded to a request for information through public relations firm Berlin Rosen.

Divvy general manager Michael Critzon said in the email response that Divvy continues to grow in the Chicago area.

“While it’s unfortunate that the Oak Park community will no longer participate in the Divvy program, we continue to be committed to providing the best possible system to our riders – one which is equitable, safe and fun – and we look forward to a strong peak riding season in 2018,” Critzon said.

The email response also notes that Motivate offered a reduced rate for its docking fees in an effort to keep the program going for another year in Oak Park, “and charted out a growth plan to provide focused attention on increasing ridership and membership.”

Divvy also noted that funds for the program would have been paid for from the village’s parking fund “not taxpayer revenues.”

“In 2019, Oak Park would have begun participating in title sponsorship revenues, with an estimated value of $65,000,” Divvy added.


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