Danny Davis has represented Illinois’ 7th District for more than two decades. Now it appears that Rep. Davis believes his past work means he should remain in office indefinitely and face no competition when he has to run for re-election. 

OPRF High School teacher Anthony Clark, vetted by Brand New Congress, is seeking to challenge Davis in the upcoming Democratic Primary. He and his supporters collected the signatures necessary for ballot access and filed them with the Cook County Board of Elections in December 2017. 

Mr. Clark also asked Rep. Davis to participate in a series of debates so the voters could assess which candidate would best represent the 7th District. 

Then the political machinations began. Congressman Davis chose to ignore the request for public, open debates. Instead he decided to challenge Clark’s signatures. He lost. But instead of accepting that outcome, he is now trying to challenge Mr. Clark’s credentials as a signature collector. 

Congressman Davis, it’s time to stop obstructing democracy. We want to see Anthony Clark’s name on the March primary ballot — and we look forward to debates between the two of you.

Bill Barclay, Peg Strobel

Oak Park

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