Talk about hard acts to follow and you discover Corinne Lally Benedetto, the new president of Trinity High School and the successor to Sr. Michelle Germanson.

Not overstating it to say that Sr. Michelle saved Trinity High School with her enthusiastic and determined work over the past 25 years. And it is good news that she will stay involved at the River Forest school in an emeritus role but with a focus on building connections with alumni.

For her part, this is something of a homecoming for Benedetto who hit the Dominican hat trick with her graduations from St. Giles, Trinity and Dominican University. She is arriving from another Catholic institution, DePaul University, where among other duties she focused on building enrollment and fiscal management.

In an interview this week with the Journal’s Nona Tepper, Benedetto emphasized “the Trinity difference,” matters obvious and intangible that distinguish the education and the community at this 100-year-old girls high school.

We wish her the best.

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