Years ago, Danny Davis was known as an independent voice who battled the corrupt Cook County political machine. I worked in the independent movement and shared Davis’ ideals and supported him. 

So I am deeply disappointed to learn that Congressman Davis is now using the very anti-democratic tactics long perfected by the political machine to throw a young, idealistic and progressive candidate for the 7th Congressional District, Anthony Clark, off the ballot in the upcoming primary! This makes me question Davis’ commitment to progressive politics and wonder whether being in power so long — more than two decades — has corrupted him.

First, Davis challenged Clark’s signatures. Anthony Clark won these challenges and Davis lost. But instead of accepting that outcome, he is now trying to challenge Mr. Clark’s credentials as a signature collector.

Davis obviously fears the challenge and seeks to prevent Anthony Clark from being a candidate and putting his ideas before the voters of the 7th Congressional District. Davis has also refused to debate Clark.

I hope fervently that Anthony Clark remains on the ballot. It will be a breath of fresh air to have a robust, vital debate in the 7th Congressional District. We need the energy, idealism, and commitment to democracy demonstrated by Anthony Clark. 

Rima Schultz

Oak Park

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