I just wanted to share with others in our community about the unique five church choir Twelfth Night Concert that took place this past Sunday afternoon. The best way to describe this event would be, “I wish every adult in Oak Park and River Forest could have been at Unity Temple to experience the fun, spirit and joining together of separate choirs that provided much energy, hope, and a broad unification of our great communities.

Just over 225 were in attendance and the songs sung by these choirs brought joy as the music touched all of us.

The singers from Grace Episcopal, United Lutheran, Pilgrim Congregational, First United, and Unity Temple and their respective directors put a lot into this event. Thrive Counseling Center in Oak Park was a benefactor, receiving the free-will offering totaling $2,700.

I for one would like to see more community musical events that would provide joint efforts of mutual expression (welcoming other faiths), perhaps around Easter or even over the 4th of July celebration time. These events could also provide an opportunity for our significant nonprofits to tell their story to many new folks in our community. 

Thank you, thank you, Marty Swisher and Dennis Northway, for the extra energy put in so that all of us could share. 

Looking forward to future unifying events.

Paul Beckwith

Oak Park

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