Oak Park District 97 is looking for community members who might want to volunteer on its Committee for Legislative Action, Intervention and Monitoring (CLAIM) — the body that is responsible for developing “a legislative agenda to propose, support, oppose or monitor legislation impacting board priorities,” according to a recent district statement. 

The committee meets once a month and is charged with monitoring county, state and federal laws for their potential effect on school policy and finance; engaging with lobbying groups like the Illinois Association of School Boards; and informing Oak Park area lawmakers at different levels of government about how their proposed policies, practices and legislative proposals might impact the district, among other functions. 

Interested candidates can access additional information about CLAIM by visiting http://www.op97.org/boe/claim. 

Currently, the district needs to fill three openings. To be considered for membership or for more information about CLAIM, contact Lou Anne Johannesson at ljohannesson@op97.org. The deadline to apply for the positions is Friday, Jan. 5.

Michael Romain  

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