Who’s Fritz Kaegi? Joe Berrios, the Cook County pol and county assessor, wants us to think of Oak Parker Kaegi as an investment banker who got rich investing in the private prison industry. That’s the focus of an inaccurate and irrelevant TV ad in regular rotation on the dime of Berrios against Kaegi and his rising independent Democratic battle for Old Joe’s job. 

Berrios, of course, has been playing us for suckers by blending a rotten property tax assessment system with his too tight connections to property tax appeal attorneys. The Tribune has laid the whole sorry story out in a stunning expose of malfeasance and political chicanery. 

Kaegi made a nice career in investment banking. But he quit his career to take on Berrios and this corrupt property tax system. Sitting with Kaegi, you hear his smarts and his passion for bringing fairness to a system long corrupt.

Ads like Berrios’ fit the pitiful playbook of character assassination we’ve come to expect in our politics. Oak Parkers know Kaegi and won’t fall for it. Tell your Cook County neighbors.

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