A large crowd turned out last week at Oak Park’s village hall for a well-planned presentation by local police on the recent and frightening series of carjackings in Oak Park. 

While noting that carjackings are the trending crime in many places, officials, led by Chief Anthony Ambrose, were not defensive, instead acknowledging their own frustration with the 16 incidents this year in Oak Park. Offering a fact-based presentation — 16 carjackings, eight arrests, six charged — local police also telegraphed a portion of their response plan. It includes adding overtime, more focus by resident beat officers on carjackings and increased use of unmarked cars in neighborhoods hit especially hard.

On Monday night in executive session, police officials were set to offer the village board more detail on their planned redeployment of existing resources. While we’re not looking for block-by-block details, we hope police will continue to be open about their response to carjackings.

A point of agreement among riled residents, police and Wednesday Journal is a strong need to increase and speed up communication when these crimes occur. In a red-hot social media moment, police need to be faster in sharing at least basic details of incidents and responses.

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