Wednesday Journal recently reported on a River Forest man’s quest to run a marathon in Antarctica on Thanksgiving. After a five-day journey to the tip of Chile and across the Strait of Magellan, Ed Baehrend, 56, made it to Antarctica, the bottom of the world. On Nov. 23, he competed in a 26.2-mile marathon on the cold continent, crossing the finishing line at exactly 6 hours, 6 minutes and 12 seconds. Baehrend finished 25th out of a total of 38 men. 

He now has two continents to go before joining the “Seven Continents Club,” a group of about 650 ambitious marathoners who have run 26.2 miles on, well, every continent. In the coming years, he plans finish his journey in Australia — where his wife Diana and son will join him — and also to South Africa, where he will compete in a marathon in a private game preserve.

 “There’s 300 runners with a game warden like every kilometer because you’re running right out there with the animals,” Baehrend said. “But that’s at 6,000-feet above sea level, and that goes up and down 1,000-feet, so it’s incredibly hilly. In a different way, it’ll be as difficult as running in Antarctica.” 

Nona Tepper

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