A few days ago we had some powerful winds blowing around the village. After getting off the Green Line, I decided to walk to Harlem. I wanted to check out the new Target, so I walked beside that new tall monstrosity and toward Lake Street, past the new donut shop and some store for animals. That walk is “interesting” when the wind is blowing.

Two women were holding onto a building because the wind tunnel was literally pushing them to the ground. While I was unable to walk at first, I put my head down and pushed ahead. Wind tunnels are quite real. In fact, I think I saw Dorothy and Toto fly by me.

One day, this wind tunnel may become a legal liability for the village if someone gets hurt by falling or from falling glass or debris.

Beware the promise of no wind tunnels.

Maybe the village board could post signs: “Walk at Your Own Risk” or “Wind Warning.” Even better: “Wind Tunnel!”

Robert Milstein 

Oak Park

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