The story of Oak Park resident Camela Daley, 50, and her 10-year-old son Solanus has been reverberating since being featured in a Chicago Sun-Times article published online Thanksgiving Day. 

Daley said that the late friar, Solanus Casey, who is being considered for sainthood, had something to do with a miracle that saved her son’s life when he was born. Daley said that while pregnant in 2007, she began hemorrhaging blood and was rushed to the hospital, where she learned that the placenta had detached prematurely. 

She pushed three times, and called on the Holy Spirit, Daley told the Sun-Times, before her son was born. The baby wasn’t safe. He’d lost lots of blood and had grown pale. 

“I started to pray to Solanus Casey,” Daley told the Sun-Times. A couple of years before having her son, she’d watched a video about the friar’s humble life in Detroit, where he ran soup kitchen and worked at a monastery, living among the poor. 

When she started to pray to Casey, Daley said, she began to envision the friar’s “face and his words,” before experiencing peace and “another dimension.” She told her husband that if their baby makes it, “his name will be Solanus.” 

Several days later, her son recovered. Some physicians called it a miracle, Daley said. According to the Sun-Times, there have been other miracles attributed to Friar Casey, who died in 1957. 

Earlier this month, Casey was beatified during a ceremony in Detroit that attracted 60,000 people — the last step before being declared a saint. Daley, the Sun-Times noted, was in attendance.

Michael Romain  

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