A student at Oak Park and River Forest High School was taken to the Oak Park Police Department after reportedly bringing a look-alike toy gun to the school on the morning of Nov. 21, according to a statement school officials sent out to parents and guardians later that afternoon.

Another student alerted a staff member to the toy gun, which prompted school officials to search for the student who brought it and to notify the police, according to the statement.

“Once we identified the student and searched the locker, we found a toy look alike black plastic pistol in the student’s locker,” the statement reads.

The student was later taken to the police station. District officials said that “disciplinary consequences will be issued.”

“As always, we continue to thank our student body and school community for providing us with information that enables us to investigate immediately to ensure the safety of our school community,” school officials stated.

When contacted by phone on Tuesday afternoon, school officials said the incident was minor and didn’t require any evacuation. According to police, the juvenile was charged with disorderly conduct that afternoon before being released to his parents. Police did not say when his court date is scheduled. 

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