Ken, what a sweet column [Bryce and Tyler to the rescue, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, Nov. 8]. But real, not syrupy. Honest. An artfully indirect summary of three generations of a family’s life. But you are all still a family. So many former families have nothing now. And others may be somehow still held together, but they have nothing like you have. The innocence of these boys is the magnet, gifting you with so many occasions to belong to each other and remember and make good new memories. And even after the boys’ innocence has morphed into whatever comes next, it’s hard for me to imagine that these resulting memories will not have cured into something more permanent, not just painfully past, but also something very good, with a future of its own, for all of you who care about the boys. 

You had a brutally honest line in the column, maybe too much so. “One of my failings in life was the inability to create a true ‘home’.” Too harsh, so hard on yourself. I’m glad the boys arrived on the scene to show you that it was not all on you. Sometimes you just have to wait until grace reaches out, and until it does, there isn’t much you can do about it except wait and pray and be open. That’s a part I don’t understand. For some people it seems that grace takes longer to come than they can wait, and they get lost. But that’s not you. Your train has definitely arrived, as surely as the train with the food in that Forest Park restaurant. 

These columns about the boys need to go into your “Best of” book. 

Mark Moran


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