Good to see River Forest getting serious in applying pressure to the current preferred developer at Lake and Lathrop. There is a Nov. 30 deadline in place for Sedgwick Properties to file a planned development proposal for the mixed-use project they are proposing for this key site.

Village government has invested plenty in this nearly decade-long effort at redevelopment. Specifically, the village is still sitting on $1.9 million from its expired TIF district which is pledged to the project. 

In a Nov. 16 appearance before the River Forest Development Review Board, Frank Martin, the chair, urged more details and specificity from the developer — and soon. Under terms set out by the village board when it chose Sedgwick as its new preferred developer on the project, there could be a $35,000 fine levied if the coming deadlines are missed. That attitude is as overdue as the entire project.

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