Denzel Washington as Roman J. Israel, Esq.

It’s not all superheroes and kids’ films at The Lake this week. Mark Mazrimas, Classic Cinemas’ marketing manager, reports that they had to give up a holiday movie to do it, but they got the new Greta Gerwig-written and -directed Lady Bird (which has nothing to do with the former First Lady of the U.S.). Mazrimas says it earned an aggregate 100% rating from the Rotten Tomatoes website and that isn’t easy to do. He added that it was worth sacrificing the holiday flick because Lady Bird “seemed to be a perfect movie for The Lake.” Lady Bird, which stars Saoirse Ronan (of Brooklyn) and Chicago’s (and Steppenwolf’s) own Laurie Metcalf in a tempestuous mother-daughter relationship, began its run today. 

But there’s more. They pulled Daddy’s Home (thank God) for Roman J. Israel Esq. with Denzel Washington. Sounds like adults can go back to the theater again.

Ken Trainor

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