Every time a bell rings … a new pop-up bar surfaces in the Chicago area. This time it’s at FitzGerald’s Sidebar, 6615 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Berwyn. 

Every Wednesday for the month of December, the bar will be transformed into Nick’s from the Christmas classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life by The Roosevelt Room, professional pop-up bar makers. 

“Nick’s is the bar that exists in the world that George Bailey doesn’t exist in. It’s a juke joint atmosphere, where they ‘serve hard drinks … for men who want to get drunk fast,'” according to a Fitzgerald’s news release. “Though the bartenders won’t be as surly as Nick, the Christmas time party atmosphere will be the same.” The bar is called Martini’s in George’s other world. Nick, played by Sheldon Leonard, completes the “drunk fast” quote with “and we don’t need any characters here to give the joint atmosphere!”

Original cocktails inspired by the movie will only be available on days when the pop-up bar is open. 

 The bar also will feature local jazz musicians and showings of the film. 

Timothy Inklebarger

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