The University of Southern California’s Trojan Marching Band enjoys celebrity status in its own right. Just consider their 2016 itinerary, featured in this year’s band press pack. 

Last February, the marching band became the “first American performers invited to fly across the Pacific and perform in Macao’s Chinese New Year Parade.” That same month, the band’s drumline appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where they faced off against Tonight Show band leader QuestLove. 

In March, college basketball fans may have noticed the Trojans in AT&T commercials during the NCAA’s March Madness tournament. And college football fans may have seen them performing on air during ESPN’s College Football Playoff coverage. 

And then there’s the Game of Thrones Live concert tour in Hollywood, where the band marched down Sunset Boulevard and their part in the Emmy-nominated score for the second season of the show Fargo. 

The list goes on. And this year, in the middle of all of this celebrity-dom will be River Forest native and Oak Park and River Forest High School graduate Jacob Shaider, whom his mom, Anna Schaider, refers to as “our local band celebrity.” 

Schaider, who graduated from OPRF last year and went to Roosevelt Middle School in River Forest, is a quad drummer for the Trojans. He was in town last week with the band to play a big rally at Navy Pier. He and his bandmates practiced at Hanson Field on the West Side, around 15 minutes from OPRF, where Schaider’s former band coach Anthony Svejda, is probably sporting a smile as long as Rodeo Drive. 

For more on OPRF’s marching band, see Ken Trainor’s column, page 34.

 Michael Romain

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