I hope I am able to encourage many of you who feel as I do, that health care has become a political volleyball tossed about without true concern for health care.

President Trump has caused uncertainty surrounding federal subsidies provided for the Affordable Care Act. His threatening of payment stoppage has caused insurance companies to increase their rates, resulting in difficult charges in health services.

This squeeze is one of the ways in which the Republicans’ new health care plan may be accepted by the public. But we must oppose it. So far, the study of their new plan to repeal and replace “Obamacare” (as they refer to the Affordable Care Act) will basically transfer health care distribution to the states. Most of the states are already overburdened with financial problems. Many of the services now provided will necessarily be eliminated, such as payment for pre-existing conditions, subsidizing care for ailing seniors, and including health care for family members to age 26, and also, any preventive care measures. An estimated 25 million present Affordable Care enrollees will lose health care.

We cannot allow this to occur. Urge our Congress to repair the flaws that are part of our present health care system and name it as is supposed to be its title, “The Affordable Healthcare Act.” Repeal the name “Obamacare,” not the law. Please join me in phoning or emailing our congressmen or other states’ congressmen.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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