Yes, it must be tempting … instead of asking us for TIF funds and incentives, they are willing to give us money! And all kinds of design adjustments and incentives as well.

 That should not sway you, however, if you truly want to represent the majority of the people of Oak Park who elected you. 

No matter how many design adjustments, that building does not belong on that corner. Vantage stands alone, and Coopers Hawk is doing a wonderful business. That’s good enough. We’re all happy campers with the status quo. 

There is no need to ruin that corner with a “canyon effect” and impact on Austin Gardens in a not-good way.

Anan: In my opinion, you were elected partially because you are pro-business and pro-development. That was/is wonderful. Businesses are booming, and the rentals under construction are evidence of healthy development. 

It’s time to stop and breathe. 

Please, please … no more high-rises right now. Especially on that important corner. We can do better.

Lauretta Christensen

Oak Park

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