In its Aug. 28 print issue, the Chicago Sun-Times listed some of the most obvious contenders for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s seat, which is up in 2019. The embattled mayor would be up for a third term and, according to close Emanuel “advisers,” whom Sun-Times political reporter Fran Spielman spoke to, the mayor “knows he’d have a devil of a time getting re-elected.” 

There’s the city’s homicide rate for starters, the school funding crisis, the $1.2 billion tax increases, the Laquan McDonald video … you can go on. So can Oak Park resident and 1st District Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, who has been a vocal critic of Emanuel and of another once-mighty-now-humbled political powerhouse — Cook County Board President Tony Preckwinkle. 

Boykin’s voice has Spielman’s ear. He’s listed among Spielman’s 13 top “potential rivals” for the mayor’s office (four other names, all aldermen, didn’t quite make the upper tier). Boykin is up for re-election himself in 2019. 

“Boykin remains relatively unknown citywide and, like [Chuy] Garcia, might have trouble convincing Chicago voters that he has the stuff to confront the city’s unrelenting financial challenges,” Spielman writes.

 Michael Romain 

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