Laura Linney

Talk about degrees of connection. 

In a cover interview in Michigan Avenue magazine’s recent fall edition, Emmy-, Tony- and Oscar-nominated actress Laura Linney, who looks nothing like 53 (whatever that’s supposed to look like) shouted-out Oak Park more than once. 

Linney — who attended Northwestern University her freshman year of college, is married to Hinsdale native Marc Schauer, and stars in the Netflix hit Ozark (some of which is set in the Loop) — was asked to talk about her connection to Chicago. 

Turns out, Schauer’s sister lives here, according to Linney. That would’ve been nice enough if you’re an Oak Parker who’s also a fan of Linney’s. But then, unprovoked, Linney gave this place even more love (even though it came at the expense of a neighbor). 

“Are there any particular places that you and your family love to go?” the interviewer asked Linney, who had just been extolling the lake effect (her husband’s parents live right off Lake Michigan in Chicago).

“Al’s Beef and Johnnie’s in Oak Park,” Linney said.

The latter isn’t in Oak Park, but we’ll take it. Johnnie’s probably will, too. No word yet on how Elmwood Park is feeling about the oversight. 

— Michael Romain   

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