Oak Park Elementary School District 97 went on a hiring spree during the spring and summer. 

The district has hired 59 new staff members (50 of them teachers) and, as of Aug. 15, were anticipating filling at least 12 more positions (including two teacher positions).

The demographic data on new hires was released at the request of D97 school board members. The district’s wave of new hires comes after a wave of departures over the summer, including more than 30 retirements. 

This school year, the percentage of new teachers hired by D97 was double what it was last year while the percentage of new Hispanic hires dropped compared to last year, according to data the district released last week. 

As of Aug. 10, of the 50 new teachers hired in the district, 20 percent of them (10) are African American, 74 percent (37) white, 2 percent (1) Hispanic, and 4 percent (2) are multiracial. 

Last school year, African Americans, Hispanics and whites accounted for 7 percent, 10 percent and 74 percent of new hires, respectively. 

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