The village of Oak Park has temporarily shut down three massage parlors in Oak Park after a sting by local and county law enforcement revealed that two of the businesses allegedly were engaging in prostitution and one was operating without a state massage license.

And now at least one of parlors, Angel Spa at 1102 Chicago Ave., will be closed permanently, according to Oak Park Village Manager Cara Pavlicek.

Local police, in coordination with the Cook County Sheriff’s Police, conducted the sting on Aug. 8, and arrested four people – two for prostitution and two for operating without a massage license.

Tina King was arrested and charged with prostitution at King Spa, 6441 W. North Ave.; Limei Menge was arrested at the Chicago Avenue Angel Spa for prostitution; and Zhang Lan and Tiantian Kan were arrested at Angel Spa, 6340 Roosevelt Rd., for massaging without a state-issued massage license.

Pavlicek held an administrative hearing with the massage parlor owners Aug. 14 to discuss the future of their business licenses. The Chicago Avenue Angel Spa was the only one of the three that did not have a business license when the arrest was made.

Pavlicek, who served as the hearing officer, said in a telephone interview that the owners of the Chicago Avenue Angel Spa – Jing and Samuel Chen, who do business under the name Heaven Massage Spa – had submitted an application to the village for a business license prior to the arrest but have now withdrawn that application.

The future of the other two businesses is uncertain.

Pavlicek said the administrative hearings, which were not open to the public, were primarily to determine whether their business licenses should be revoked.

She will issue a written finding on those hearings sometime next week.

“The village takes any criminal activity seriously and definitely prostitution or crimes against persons are taken very seriously,” she said.


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