If River Forest — and Oak Park — really want to “Celebrate Seniors All Year Long,” they would do everything they could to get new housing built that the seniors who made these two villages so great can actually afford. 

River Forest in particular should focus its request for development proposals for the site at Park and Lake on a mixed-use development with a significant amount of affordable senior housing. Except for the wealthiest amongst us, we’re all going to need such dedicated housing someday if we are to remain in River Forest. 

It’s a shame that a cadre of short-sighted, younger folk in River Forest have successfully waged a war against senior housing here. Enabling the seniors who made both River Forest and Oak Park such great places to live to continue to reside here should be one of the top priorities for both River Forest and Oak Park. 

Enough slogans. Let’s see some action starting with Park and Lake.

Dan Lauber

River Forest

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