If you read the Wednesday Journal article, “Living with ALS” on Oct. 21, 2015, or “What would you give to end ALS?” on June 29, 2016, you know that our daughter, Sarah Coglianese, who grew up in Oak Park and went through our school system, was diagnosed with this terminal illness at the age of 33. There is also a wonderful article written by Sarah in Redbook magazine (July, 2015) titled, “My little sister carries me” about her relationship with her sister, Liz Coglianese.

Thanks to all of our friends and family, we are still working to find treatments and a cure for this horrible disease. Sarah’s daughter, Scout, was just turning 2 when the diagnosis was determined. She turned 7 in March and has really never known her Mom to be able to do what other moms do. She’s quite an independent, almost-second-grader! 

The 2017 #whatwouldyougive fundraiser has launched. To get more information or to make a donation, please Google: Joe and Anne’s fundraising page for ALS.

It explains what the team members will be giving up and how you can help. In Sarah’s words, “I want to thank all of the generous donors who are contributing to #whatwouldyougive!

“As many of you know, we are raising money for an actual potential treatment that is sitting in a freezer at ALS TDI. Your help will get it into clinical trials, getting us that much closer to treatments and the cure for ALS. There really aren’t words to describe my gratitude, and we all know I love words.”

Please know that we are forever grateful for any support you can give.

Love and good health to you

P.S. To our delight, Sarah is being honored by receiving the 2017 OPRF Tradition of Excellence Award for bringing awareness to the terrible tragedy of ALS. She also developed the fundraiser #whatwouldyougive on her own and has raised thousands of dollars which go directly to ALS-TDI for research on treatments and an eventual cure to this underfunded disease.

Joe and Anne Coglianese

Oak Park

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