A fox has taken up residence on our block. I saw him last week crawling out from under the porch next door early one morning. It looked young and healthy, with a red coat and black tail and went on its way to the back of the yard.

The rabbits, which have been in great abundance, seemed not to notice. One nibbled dew-covered grass nearby.

A fox. A bit of wildness resident on our block.

A couple days later, I stopped by two neighbors who were chatting about other things. When I raised the fox issue, one said he had seen two in front of his house in the street late one night. The other had seen both as well.

I predicted the rabbit issue would take care of itself, and it did. From a gaggle of rabbits nibbling, to three, then two, then one.

My wife sent me a photo of a rabbit skeleton left on our driveway. Nothing but bones, except for a furry rabbit’s foot that looked unlucky.

Some neighbors walking their dogs were all about the foxes too. “Oh, that noise at night is so creepy!” Foxes yip in a peculiar way, grating and high pitched.

Another neighbor’s son is trying to raise chickens in the backyard. So far, two chicks have disappeared. Foxes must be fence climbers.

Late one hot night, my wife heard the yipping, followed by a non-somnolent neighbor yelling “shut up” out his window.

I imagine the foxes will move on now that the rabbits are gone.

One teenager even claimed to have seen a coyote chasing a fox down the street.

But for now, we rest in our foxy stories, connecting us to a natural world that normally is far from our civilized block.

And the yipping? I thought it sounded wonderful.

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