The village of Oak Park unanimously passed a resolution strongly rebuking the decision by the Trump Administration to pull out of the so-called Paris Climate Agreement in early June.

Agreed to by 197 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change agreement represents 99 percent of humans on the planet, according to the resolution.

The United States, under the Obama Administration, committed to a 26-28 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Trump called the agreement “a massive redistribution of United States’ wealth to other countries,” according to a National Public Radio news story. 

“It’s to give their country an economic edge over the United States,” he said. “That’s not going to happen while I’m president. I’m sorry.”

Several states, such as California, and many municipalities have said they will still comply with emissions reductions laid out under the Paris Climate Agreement. The resolution approved Monday urges state and federal legislators to do the same.

 Timothy Inklebarger

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