Clarence Edmonds and Ernest Hemingway shaking hands circa 1917-1918. | Courtesy Illinois Archives

One hundred years ago in June 1917, our native son, Ernest Hemingway, graduated from Oak Park High School (now Oak Park River Forest High School). The Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park is celebrating this milestone by holding its annual fundraiser on Saturday, June 17, at the Hemingway Museum, 200 N. Oak Park Ave. Over the last several weeks the Wednesday Journal has featured a moment from this pivotal year in Hemingway’s life each Wednesday leading up to the event. Today, we share our final Hemingway remembrance. 

“Though by the end of his life, Ernest’s separation from Oak Park was quite complete, the love, the discipline and the education he received there provided him with a sense of self-confidence, discipline and spirit of adventure that lasted his entire life.”

N. Sindelar, “Influencing Hemingway,” p. 156, Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield, 2014.

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