Here is an email I sent to Melissa Martinez (Park District of Oak Park) in reply to a recent email she sent to townspeople regarding the adult activities available.

She was brought on to manage adult activities a year or two ago. In my previous communications to her, she said she understood the town needed to improve adult-only activities. I, and many others, now believe her purpose is disingenuous:


Thank you for the email. However, I did not enjoy my weekend due to the new restrictions the park district seems to have imposed on adults.

I went to Rehm Pool and was informed that the deck no longer has any adult-only designated space.

About three years ago, the entire deck was adult only. Two years ago, half of the deck was designated for children engaged in camp swimming (Mon.-Fri./12-3 p.m.). This weekend I was told that the deck no longer has an adult-only area. Reason? Trying to accommodate everyone.

Trying to accommodate everyone? Non-adult-only people … i.e., families, children, etc. had the entire pool except for the deck. Now they have the entire pool.

Actually, per the park district’s behavior the past couple of years, this reasoning kind of makes sense.

If by everyone you mean adult-only people are non-entities.

Consider, you redesigned Ridgeland Common and every aspect of the redesign was for people other than adult-only people; smaller change/locker room, removal of the deck, removal of the trees along the railroad tracks (where the adults used to congregate in the shade).

So you removed the adult-only areas at Ridgeland and now you have removed the adult-only at Rehm.

When you did it at Ridgeland, I thought maybe it was a mistake. However now I can see it was on purpose.

When you first emailed me and said you were the person in charge of concentrating on improving the adult offerings in town, you said it was because the town was aware that they were insufficient in this regard. Now I have to wonder if you were only brought on to create smoke while the town engages in eliminating any real adult-only considerations.

There are a number of people in town who believe what I just mentioned to be true. They have been telling me this for a couple of years. I previously didn’t believe it to be true, but I do now.

If you truly believe your mission is to improve things for adult-only people, you should question this yourself or prove it to those in town who no longer believe.

Kevin Durr

Oak Park

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