Thursday night tutors.
A large number of tutors from Cluster Tutoring Program gathered recently on Thursday, May 25th to celebrate the end of the tutoring year.  This was the first time tutors had a chance to meet each other and share their experiences and commitments. 
Each tutor works with the same student each week over a period of years and thus has little time to meet other tutors who are meeting with their students.  Tutors work with their student for 1.5 hours one night a week on Tuesday or Thursday night. The Tuesday night session is at Pine Avenue Church in Chicago and the Thursday night session is at First United Church in Oak Park.
The most common reason that the tutors gave for tutoring was the chance to serve a child and to watch the development of that young person over the years as they grow and mature. If you’re interested in learning about how to become a tutor, please visit:
*Submitted by Cluster Tutoring Program

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