I love Tacos, and I think many people in Oak Park will agree that Taco Bell does not sell them.

Their fake tacos are overpriced and of very low quality. However, we do need an increased tax base that will allow Faux Mayor Abu Taleb to continue his overbuilding campaign in other areas of our village.

Growth at all costs, including a fast food “strip mall.” The citizens in the area will have more traffic, noise at all hours of the night, and it simply is not needed.

To some this fight is not important. But to those who value community, it is. 

What we build, where we build it and how we treat the citizens for and against it is who we are as a village. I urge the board to beware the God of Tax Dollars and focus on what is best in the big picture, while valuing the citizens.

Taco Bell will survive if not allowed to open on Madison. Say, maybe Albion could house them in their building on the first floor — a restaurant, of sorts.

Bob Milstein 

Oak Park

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