If you have an overdue book at the Oak Park Public Library, don’t lose sleep. Oh, you’ll still have to eventually return it — or pay for the book — but the overdue item will no longer result in a late fine.

That’s due to the library board’s decision to eliminate such fines starting June 1.

“This policy change is focused on access and equity,” OPPL Executive Director David Seleb said in a press release. “Overdue fines are a regressive method of raising revenue, they hurt the most those who can afford them the least, create stress-filled interactions, and require significant amounts of staff time to manage.”

Just because fines are eliminated, however, doesn’t mean you can just keep items from the library without the swift hand of library justice crashing down upon you. Once three books are taken out and not returned, a hold will be placed on the cardholder’s account.

The library notes that patrons will still be on the hook for fines for overdue items checked out at libraries outside Oak Park. 

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