A young Ernest Hemingway.

One hundred years ago in June 1917, Oak Park’s most famous native son, Ernest Hemingway, graduated from Oak Park High School (now Oak Park and River Forest High School). To celebrate, the Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park is marking this milestone by holding its annual fundraiser on Saturday, June 17, at the Hemingway Museum, 200 N. Oak Park Ave. Leading up to the event, Wednesday Journal will feature pivotal moments from Hemingway’s life each Wednesday, courtesy of the foundation. 

“Dr. Hemingway’s parental devotion was strict, stern and religious. When Ernest turned 16, he wrote, ‘I am so pleased and proud you have grown to be such a fine big manly fellow and will trust your development will continue symmetrical and in harmony with our highest Christian Ideals.'” p. 13


Nancy Sindelar, “Influencing Hemingway.” Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield, 2014.

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