Frank Pellegrini, CEO, Prairie Title

You’re ready to buy or sell a home. Or build a commercial property. Or rent an apartment or storefront. Though it might not always be clear to you, whenever you enter into any type of real estate transaction there’s an army of professionals standing behind you to ensure that your interests are protected. 

Real estate agents and lenders are no doubt the most visible pros in our industry, but working behind the scenes are appraisers, inspectors, attorneys, title searchers and closers, even county officials who keep the process moving, guaranteeing that the buying and selling of real estate proceeds with a minimum amount of hassle and maximum protection for all. 

Throughout the history of our country, private property rights have been considered almost sacred — one of the bedrock elements upon which our economy is built. Without the ability to securely buy, sell and lease real estate, those rights would be meaningless and, in my view, our economy would quickly grind to a halt. 

The reality is, buying and selling real estate is complicated but not complicated for its own sake. The process has evolved over time to offer maximum security for all parties. For most people, their home is the largest financial investment they will ever make. Renters need places to live and retailers and businesses need commercial space. Developers, builders, landlords and others rely on real estate for their very livelihoods. In turn, they rely on real estate professionals to shepherd their deals through to closing. 

Ensuring that your property is appraised properly, the title is searched, and your deal is closed expertly are all processes that are designed to keep you secure in the knowledge that your investment in a home or commercial property is worry-free. And those processes take time, effort and professional expertise to be done right.

Take out a piece and the process collapses. Without a solid appraisal, proper inspection and assurance that title is clear, a lender will not fund a home or commercial property purchase. Looking at the relationship in reverse, those of us behind the scenes in the real estate process ensure lenders and buyers that their risk is minimal. 

And the most important point: As you consider a real estate transaction, every professional you meet along the way is dedicated to the idea of helping you through that transaction as seamlessly as possible and making certain that your property rights and financial investment are secure.  Just think of how chaotic buying and selling real estate would be without trusted real estate professionals you know you can count on to usher you through to closing. 

As members of the real estate profession, we’re all here for one purpose: To guide you to a successful outcome on your property transactions. That’s the essence of our job, and we’re proud of it and the role we play in keeping the U.S. economy humming.

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