The VMA (Village Manager Association) in October and September had 30 Oak Parkers come together in a selection process. Fourteen were new the process. We accept any Oak Parker who’s interested in good government. We interviewed all Oak Parkers who were interested in running for president, trustee, and clerk. 

After six weeks, we began our process of selection. We chose Glenn Brewer, present trustee for 8 years and one who works very hard every week to be sure we look at all the numbers and what should be cut or where should we spend more. 

Next, Peter Barber is a communications person and believes we deserve to know exactly what is going on and insists on getting the information out to all of us. He’s also the one who listens to Oak Parkers, hearing our thoughts, concerns and advocates for us. 

Lori Malinski, for clerk, has many years’ experience working for large and small nonprofits. For the past 30 years her work includes, strategic planning, budgeting, special events and works collaboratively with all. 

Please vote for: Brewer, Barbara and Malinski.

There are three other good candidates to choose from for a third trustee.

Doug Wyman

Oak Park

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