For the past six months I have fully committed myself to my campaign for Village Trustee. I have attempted to show an unparalleled level of commitment to this endeavor that I would bring to the role of trustee if elected. If you have been following the campaign, you’ve probably noticed I have accomplished the following things:

 Energized a base of supporters that enthusiastically support my campaign because they know from past experience that I am the right person for this job.

 Took the time to intimately learn about the issues facing Oak Park and the workload of the village board so that I can hit the ground running if elected. 

 Expanded my network of village stakeholders in order to have the necessary relationships to work effectively on behalf of Oak Park.

 Shaped the dialogue of the campaign by bringing forth new ideas and perspectives and displaying a unique vision for Oak Park’s future.

Despite all of the hard work and successes of the campaign, I am only approaching the beginning of the work I would like to do on the village board. I am asking for your vote so I can begin promoting the themes of my campaign. A vote for Dan Moroney is a vote for a candidate who would be committed to the following:

 Ensuring that Oak Park values are the guiding principle of village policy.

 Reducing the rate of tax levy increases so that Oak Park can remain a place to live and do business as affordably as possible.

 Working to meaningfully collaborate with other taxing bodies and municipalities. 

 Creating opportunities for development and new business throughout all of Oak Park. 

Now more than ever, I believe I am the right person for the role of trustee. Please learn more at and consider voting for Dan Moroney for trustee on April 4.

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