Strong leaders don’t just happen; they are cultivated through interactions and experiences with stakeholders. Strong leaders are good listeners, they see details and big picture, and their existence is rooted in a sturdy framework of shared core values. All of these qualities are critical because the most important job of elected official is to build consensus so that progress and outcomes can be achieved. When OPRF is blessed with strong, proven leadership, we owe it to the future well-being of our community to re-elect incumbents; to do otherwise is an unnecessary gamble. 

Jeff Weissglass brings a wealth of skills, experience and strong leadership to the board of our public high school. He is a multidimensional leader who has elevated our school community through complex equity challenges, the modernization of teaching and learning, strategic planning, and the hiring of a new superintendent. While serving as board president, other accomplishments include $30 million in tax cuts, the right-sizing of the high school’s fund balance, an increase of minority student enrollment in honors and AP classes, and a reduction of high school counselor caseloads so that our school’s support staff are better positioned to monitor and reach all students.

In the near future, our high school is facing significant population growth, facility upgrades that are part and parcel of a historic property, and an unpredictable climate of state finances. Strong leadership is our best chance of navigating through these social and economic challenges. Jeff has demonstrated the capacity to build community and stakeholder-based solutions that will keep our high school strong, healthy and impactful for the benefit of all current and future students. 

As alums, parents of two OPRF students, and locally focused philanthropists who direct volunteer time and resources toward student achievement and preparation for adulthood, we are giving our votes to Jeff Weissglass for the District 200/OPRF High School board. We encourage you to take a good look at Jeff and his capacity to lead because the long-term health and vibrancy of our community depends upon your vote and strong leadership!

Mary Jo & Stephen Schuler 

OPRF Class of ’80

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