Did you know Maywood has its own print newspaper called Village Free Press? Did you know it’s run by Wednesday Journal’s very own Michael Romain? 

Do you think Romain takes a break when he’s done with those two responsibilities? If so, well think again because he’s also editor of Austin Weekly News. 

We’re giving a huge shout out to Romain this week because of his success in seeing his dream come true with the very first print edition of Village Free Press. 

The newspaper, which has been exclusively online for the last four years, will now also be published in a monthly print edition.

We asked the mild-mannered newspaperman for a quote and Romain sent us this: “This couldn’t have happened without the support of Wednesday Journal, which is committed to providing local news to places, like Maywood, that desperately need it.”

Congratulations, Michael and Maywood!

Timothy Inklebarger

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