I am writing in response to Wednesday Journal’s online article in which race is raised, by Glenn Brewer and Peter Barber, as the motivation for the challenge to their nominating petitions.

The VMA, and their candidates, want you to believe a false narrative. They want you to believe the challenge to their candidacy is based on their race and not flaunting the election laws.

The challenge to the two incumbents, and the clerk candidate, has nothing to do with the race of anyone. The VMA has decided to make race an issue.

There is no factual basis for the charge. If they have a factual basis to make the charge, put it in to the public purview.

It is simple: VMA group gets together … sets a strategy … let’s call them racists.

Read the challenge material, but first note that citizens are allowed to challenge candidates. The VMA was unable to cobble together a slate so they decided to skirt the legal requirements. Of course, the courts will decide the outcome. We have a legal system for a reason. If the candidates believe they followed the law, then they should just campaign and let the legal process work.

The facts remain:

1) The Journal itself felt we had a good point. Is the editorial board composed of racists? You endorsed them. 

2) Theresa Powell voted against keeping the candidates on the ballot. Is she a racist?

In conclusion, the right to challenge candidates exists. We took this right to challenge three candidates who did not follow the rules. We are not dropping the challenge and if the VMA wants to push a false narrative, they can do it.

Bob Milstein

Oak Park

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