About a week ago I had the delightful experience of viewing Ben Vereen’s performance at the Dominican University gala event. One of the songs he sang was “What a Wonderful World” and we do have a wonderful world — when it is not challenged by a “hate and fear” campaign enacted by our President Trump. As he tries to enforce an America of white supremacy, he is guilty of diminishing the value of our diverse society.

I want to share with you an observation I have made over the past year or so. Strangers have been readily responsive to my needs. I require a cane to get around and there always seem to be folks available to open doors or help me up steps. These are folks of every race, ethnic group, and age, and probably include immigrants. They make up our “wonderful world.”

The color of skin does not color the kindness they express. The religion they worship does not affect their desire to help where needed.

I resent that this worldly attitude is being damaged by our president’s repeated remarks, stirring fears of Muslims, non-whites, minority races and religions. President Trump has used the expression “bad people.” The people who commit crimes (whether immigrants or not) have always been unwelcome and are duly arrested. It is an outrage to place all of any group into a description of “bad people.”

We Americans offer refuge to those in need and these folks are probably some of the ones who have helped me.

Please join me in writing to President Trump and inform him of how proud we are of our democracy, our diversity, and our Constitution, which can indeed, make our world wonderful.

Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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