As the District 97 referenda dominate the local news, we know that, whether it is approved or not, we need a school board that uses our funds wisely and equitably. That is why we need to elect J. Robert Breymaier to the D97 board. 

Rob will look for ways our schools can cooperate and collaborate with other local organizations and taxing bodies to identify cost savings while ensuring that our students receive the services they need. As the executive director of a nonprofit organization, the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, he knows how to provide excellent services with a limited budget. 

Meanwhile, with more than a decade of experience studying Oak Park’s diversity and integration patterns, there is no candidate better suited than Rob to address the racial opportunity gap at the elementary level, ensuring that all of our students have access to the resources they need to reach their potential. 

He will also help ensure that our schools are safe places for children regardless of gender and gender identity, and that those schools are accessible to children with disabilities. 

Oak Parkers have long valued excellence and equity in our schools, and we need to make sure that our schools provide both. That is why we will be voting for Rob Breymaier for the District 97 school board.

Julie and Brent Chyna 

Oak Park 

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