Simone Boutet is the best of what Oak Park offers as an excellent public servant: She is wickedly smart, she is passionate about social issues, and she will be creative in her approach to cooperative and meaningful government interaction with the wants of business and the needs of Oak Park’s citizens.

In her role as assistant attorney to the village attorney, Simone gave wise and thoughtful counsel to those of us seeking legal opinions on behalf of our own clients. Her commitment to aiding those in need is evidenced by her service on the board of Prevail (now Housing Forward) — she was tireless in her efforts on behalf of those seeking housing services and employment/financial support. 

Her reputation, professionally and personally, is impeccable.

She will be an informed trustee. She will be unbiased in her dealings with the board. And she will seek new ways to streamline the process of citizen involvement when decisions are before the board that effect the vision professed by our community as not just a place but as “a way of life.” 

Simone Boutet will be the trustee who sets the standard for other village representatives. 

Jodiann Nowicki Pacer

Oak Park

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