One of the questions I get from nearly everyone I’ve talked to in the last four months is “What does the clerk do?”

I admit, I had a dim idea of the actual role of the clerk when I started this process in July of last year. I learned through asking questions, reading and research that the role of the clerk is very important in the life blood of the community: This person is the liaison to the community and steward of the public record. They facilitate special events, early voting, and the local census; they are the first line of defense for people looking for answers from their leaders and results from elected officials.

The most important role of the clerk is disseminator of official information and communication.

I have been to countless village board meetings and have seen firsthand what happens when people are ill informed about things — the hoopla over Mr. Taglia’s appointment to trustee, comes to mind. And while I am pleased about the level of engagement that appears to be growing; I feel strongly that accurate information needs to be easily accessible. 

When I am elected, I will continue to work hard to give the best information available. I will be a champion for those who want more transparency in government and more access to information in the village.

Simply put, I’m different from the other candidates because I’m running for all of us. I want to demystify the government so the average person understands what they can do. I want more people involved because like you I want change. I’m with you, and a vote for me is a vote for us.

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