The Illinois Supreme Court has rejected a motion to expedite deliberation on a lawsuit that aims to prevent three Oak Park candidates from gaining access to the ballot in the April 4 election.

The case brought by Oak Parkers Kevin Peppard and Bob Milstein would block Oak Park trustee candidates Peter Barber and Glenn Brewer and Oak Park village clerk candidate Lori Malinski – all three running on an unofficial slate endorsed by the Oak Park Village Manager Association, a group that vets and slates candidates for local office – from the ballot.

The court has not said whether it will even hear the case or let a lower appeals court ruling, which said the candidates should be allowed on the ballot, stand.

The decision to deny the motion to expedite could be good news for the candidates, according to their attorney Brian Wojcicki.

“We’re hoping that it’s a sign that sooner or later we’ll hear from the court that the petition [for the court to hear the case] is denied,” Wojcicki said.

He said the court could announce next week whether it will accept the case or let the lower court ruling stand, but the denial of the motion to expedite could be a sign that they are not going to hear the case at all.

The Supreme Court also ruled against a motion that would instruct Cook County Clerk David Orr to not count votes until after the court makes a final decision on the case.

That means that if the Supreme Court does take the case, votes will be counted and a winner will be announced once those votes are certified.

If the court does take the case, deliberation could extend beyond April 4, which means that if Barber, Brewer and Malinski win, they could have decision reversed if the court later determined they should have not been on the ballot in the first place.

The challengers’ attorney, Burt Odelson, could not immediately be reached for comment.

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