We are supporting Dave Yamashita for the District 97 Board of Education because he is solidly based in the facts. Dave has dedicated his candidacy to researching the issues. He’s done his “homework” by attending board meetings and delving below the surface. He recognizes the problems facing the board at this crucial time.

He is committed to public education and supports passing the referenda. He is a person of integrity who will promote a culture of trust, respect, and transparent communication among, as he says, the shareholders of the district — students, teachers, parents, the community, and the board.

Dave is not a one-issue candidate. He looks at the depth, breadth, and long-range effects of all issues. His decisions will reflect what is best for the entire community.

He will bring maturity, sound judgment, and clarity to D97. We urge you to vote for Dave Yamashita for the District 97 Board of Education.

James and Elaine Johnson

Gino and Gina Sigismondi

Oak Park

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