Jeff Weissglass, president of the OPRF High School District 200 board, is the rare leader who is able to listen and reflect on his communities’ needs, collaborate with other leaders and stakeholders, and place solid solutions into action. 

More than ever, the challenges presented to our elected officials are complex, the solutions are complex, and the implementation is also complex. It is imperative we have leadership that will listen to the varied perspectives of our community and work with others to ensure that the best, and most inclusive, solution is moved forward. Jeff is exactly that type of leader and his actions reflect this leadership.

Under his leadership, the board furthered excellent solutions to the multilayered issues that face them. He was immediately selected to lead the committee that solved the most pressing issue, the financial surplus. This work resulted in a $30 million tax cut and a plan to correctly fund reserves. His leadership led to the selection of a new superintendent, a program to increase diversity in Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and a strategic plan that highlighted equity and excellence for all. 

In a world where spoken words are often mistaken for leadership, Jeff’s actions, and his ability to work with others in pursuit of these actions, are a welcome method of leadership. 

If you truly care about well-reasoned management for our respected high school, vote for Jeff on April 4th for the District 200 board.

Andrew Hibel

Oak Park resident and business owner 

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